GX Kingmaker

Changes to the Council
The dinner and ball at the castle was deemed a great success.

The Privy Council have decided that they need to appoint prominent local people into the vacant executive council positions

Jhod, Priest of Erastil will temporarily take up position of High Priest in the absence of Voltz.

Kressel has vacated her position as Warden to be vice commander of the army. Reporting directly to Anir, and only Anir (impressive diplomacy roll).

Midwife Niska has been appointed Councellor as Jhod vacates the position

Investigator, Pharn Vorn has been appointed Justice Minister/Judge.

Blacksmith, Jerico Armstrong has been appointed Marshall as Kressel vacates the position

Merchant, Pavel Romanov, temporary Grand Diplomat in the absence of Zanro

Now lets hope that the plans for next month go well as the Market is soon to open (at a high cost) just as the trade-ways are starting to get busy…. oh and there is a little matter of the Troll King and the rescuing of Zanro

Return of the Council

24 Pharast 4711

21-23 Pharast 4711

The party (with the bard Grigori in tow) decide that they can explore another area and so they set about mapping the area E31. They encounter very little in this area until the 23rd. On a rise in the dense undergrowth, covered with vines and lichen they come across 2 edifices. As they remove the vegetation they discover 2 statues, one of an elven warrior depicted in chainmail with a longsword, a golden band around his right wrist; and a woman with a teardrop haircut and a golden threaded circlet with a moonstone looking teardrop hanging on her forehead.
Clalyon, detects magic on the obelisks and they radiate a strong radiance of divine, abjuration magic. He realizes that he has seen something similar and then it occurs to him that these are the same depictions of the golden statues found in the (now dead) Queen of the Forests tower. Statues that they sold to help pay for the kingdoms expenses.

They decide that the wisest thing to do is to, is to leave them alone, so the group finish exploring later that day.

Once again at the midday meal they decide on where to go next. Careful planning using the maps that Anir has been making, they decide that they are not far from the Frog Kings dwellings so they head there to see if he has returned.

20-21 Pharast 4711

It takes 2 days to explore the dense forest. The area is good for wood and peat if they can claim it. Nothing untoward happens during this time and its at the midday meal on the 21st that they decide on what to do next.

19 Pharast 4711

After the midday meal the council members leave the marshland. With eleven days to go until the next council meeting they decided that they should explore the area (G30) and make sure it is currently safe.

The final days... of the Siege of the Unicorn

19 Pharast 4711

The group break fast and sit and plan. Now fully rested they discuss the best tactics to rid the place of the last Shambler. Once again Zanro and Trigarree decide that they should go out and scout the edges of the marsh and try to lure the creature back into the open (a tactic that has worked well so far).

It works to a degree as the two friends on Zanros’ horse spot a light in the forest beyond the marshes edge. Investigating they encounter the last Shambler but the 2 of them are nearly overwhelmed, when the Wisp appears and lightning erupts from it. Only Trigarree playing dead and an almighty act of bravery by Zanro gave them enough time for the others to arrive and assist in destroying the plant creature. With its demise the Wisp escapes southwards whilst being harried by Zanro and Clalyon.
Finally satisfied that the Wisp has left the area the group return to the camp.

Ash (Clalyons’ old familiar) has been awakened and is now the new Guardian of the Forest. She tells him that the unicorns body will be preserved with the help of Tiressia (who interjects that the missing horn should be placed back for the unicorn to live again). The group regard it a fanciful tale at best, but knowing that the Troll with the crown hold the unicorn horn. Both Trigarree and Zanro have cause to find these trolls but it seems that they may be the power base of the unidentified Kingdom in the South West.

18 Pharast 4711

The night passes quietly and without incident. Through fitful sleep the group try to rest and recuperate. Once again Anir seems the only one fully ready for the days potential events.

Although the group keep a vigilant watch, there is no sign of the last Shambling Mound or the Wisp. Thankful of a days breather from the constant attacks they use the time wisely to rest and recuperate, plan and position themselves… this peace will not last long.

Again the night comes and with it the expectation of attack, but the eerie marshland is quiet and still. At last the sunrises on a new day…

Tactics and Evening the Odds

17 Pharast 4711

The next day, Tiressia looks exhausted but with the group being there she willingly allows herself to be shown to the tent for much needed rest.

Whilst she sleeps, Anir rests in the other tent, Trigarree takes watch from the tree and Zanro rides his horse out past the marsh and into the forest.
He spots something moving 100’ away. He shoots an arrow and as the Shambler lunges out of the undergrowth he spurs the horse back to the camp. He lures the beast further and further back towards the glade and the others. Clalyon and Trigarree sees Zanro burst from the forest and ride towards them.Moments later they see the Shambler following. Clalyon wakes Anir, who dons the StagLords helm and the group ready bows. They take shots at it, many hitting their mark, but the beast does not slow.
Clalyon summons a crocodile and although it attacks it is easily grappled and the life crushed from it. The group keep firing arrows at it and almost as soon as Zanro, then Anir engage it in melee the beast is killed. Trigarree quickly stops Anir from hacking at the remains and he and Zanro start dissecting it to learn where the beasts vital spots are. All are in the upper part of the body and difficult for Trigarree to reach without elevation, but at least he knows its vulnerable areas.

After a few hours rest they decide to try the tactic again. This time Hix (Clalyons familiar) accompanies Zanro.
Zanro doesn’t spot the Shambler until it is 10’ away and it gets a surprise attack at him. Lucky he twists out of its grapple at the last moment and rides straight back to the camp. The creature does not follow but Hix explains to Clalyon that he can’t believe that the warrior was so stupid to get so close as after his warning.
Zanro sets out again, but with Trigarree riding his horse and Hix with express instructions to hover over and screech at any sightings of these creatures.
Again, both Zanro and Trigarree miss the warning but this time the Shambler is closer to them. It manages to grapple Trigarree and nearly squeeze him to death. Trigarree feigns death and the beast drops him to attack Zanro. It hits and grapples him, and over the next few seconds manages to do a lost of damage as it crushes him.
Lucky Clalyon hears the commotion, wakes Anir and they ride to assist their friends.
Now that the creature is ignoring Trigaree, the gnome uses the horse to spring at the upper portions of it and strike at a vital area (Zanro has all of its attention), they use the momentum to vault back onto the horse.
It’s tough going as Zanro fails to free himself and the is near death when help arrives. but the arrival of the others and managing to escape means that the group start working together and quickly kill it.

They return to the camp in a sorry state, Zanro and Trigarree are injured and Clalyon is running out of spells, and thelast of their potions are used up … only Anir seems ready to face the night ahead and the possibility that the last shambler and the wisp will attack ….

16 Pharast 4711

As the 3 council members discuss how to tackle the possibility of an attack that night, Zanro arrives. He has managed to follow the tracks of the large wolf terrorising the realm, at least for a few miles after the others lost them.
The tracks slowly change from a wolfs paw to a what looks like a humanoids footprint with claws. They eventually disappear and Zanro can not gauge where, but he knows that if they keep carrying on in this direction it would reach Tuskwater Town in a week.

That night Tiressia uses the artefact to summon the mist across the marsh. Anir keeps vigil from a tree near the glade and the other take watch in rotation. Nothing happens that night.

Follow that bird

16 Pharast 4711

The group leave the old Tatzlwyrm den and head with all speed to an unexplored area of the forest. It is mid afternoon when they notice that the ground is wet and marshy and the trees are slowly being twisted and decaying. Moss, lichen and vines grow where they should not and the water is dank and foetid.
After a short while they see a verdant island in the marsh. Ash is sat upon a small white mound and Tiressia is laying against it, looking exhausted. The mound is the unmoving body of the unicorn, its horn has been sliced cleanly off its forehead.
The once familiar owl speaks aloud in the common tongue. She explains that she heard the call of the Unicorn, she rushed to help but it was being beset by 5 trolls. A large troll stepped forward, it was adorned with a golden crown and a large heavy necklace. It raised a black disk in its left hand and a beam of black/red energy hit the unicorn and it fell. The troll then used the disk to slice off the horn and it laughed as it headed southwards. She also mentions that there was a huge 2 headed troll with them, and it was particularly brutal.

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