GX Kingmaker

The final days... of the Siege of the Unicorn

19 Pharast 4711

The group break fast and sit and plan. Now fully rested they discuss the best tactics to rid the place of the last Shambler. Once again Zanro and Trigarree decide that they should go out and scout the edges of the marsh and try to lure the creature back into the open (a tactic that has worked well so far).

It works to a degree as the two friends on Zanros’ horse spot a light in the forest beyond the marshes edge. Investigating they encounter the last Shambler but the 2 of them are nearly overwhelmed, when the Wisp appears and lightning erupts from it. Only Trigarree playing dead and an almighty act of bravery by Zanro gave them enough time for the others to arrive and assist in destroying the plant creature. With its demise the Wisp escapes southwards whilst being harried by Zanro and Clalyon.
Finally satisfied that the Wisp has left the area the group return to the camp.

Ash (Clalyons’ old familiar) has been awakened and is now the new Guardian of the Forest. She tells him that the unicorns body will be preserved with the help of Tiressia (who interjects that the missing horn should be placed back for the unicorn to live again). The group regard it a fanciful tale at best, but knowing that the Troll with the crown hold the unicorn horn. Both Trigarree and Zanro have cause to find these trolls but it seems that they may be the power base of the unidentified Kingdom in the South West.

18 Pharast 4711

The night passes quietly and without incident. Through fitful sleep the group try to rest and recuperate. Once again Anir seems the only one fully ready for the days potential events.

Although the group keep a vigilant watch, there is no sign of the last Shambling Mound or the Wisp. Thankful of a days breather from the constant attacks they use the time wisely to rest and recuperate, plan and position themselves… this peace will not last long.

Again the night comes and with it the expectation of attack, but the eerie marshland is quiet and still. At last the sunrises on a new day…


Wyse Wyse

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