GX Kingmaker

Return of the Council

24 Pharast 4711

21-23 Pharast 4711

The party (with the bard Grigori in tow) decide that they can explore another area and so they set about mapping the area E31. They encounter very little in this area until the 23rd. On a rise in the dense undergrowth, covered with vines and lichen they come across 2 edifices. As they remove the vegetation they discover 2 statues, one of an elven warrior depicted in chainmail with a longsword, a golden band around his right wrist; and a woman with a teardrop haircut and a golden threaded circlet with a moonstone looking teardrop hanging on her forehead.
Clalyon, detects magic on the obelisks and they radiate a strong radiance of divine, abjuration magic. He realizes that he has seen something similar and then it occurs to him that these are the same depictions of the golden statues found in the (now dead) Queen of the Forests tower. Statues that they sold to help pay for the kingdoms expenses.

They decide that the wisest thing to do is to, is to leave them alone, so the group finish exploring later that day.

Once again at the midday meal they decide on where to go next. Careful planning using the maps that Anir has been making, they decide that they are not far from the Frog Kings dwellings so they head there to see if he has returned.

20-21 Pharast 4711

It takes 2 days to explore the dense forest. The area is good for wood and peat if they can claim it. Nothing untoward happens during this time and its at the midday meal on the 21st that they decide on what to do next.

19 Pharast 4711

After the midday meal the council members leave the marshland. With eleven days to go until the next council meeting they decided that they should explore the area (G30) and make sure it is currently safe.


Wyse Wyse

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