GX Kingmaker

Follow that bird

16 Pharast 4711

The group leave the old Tatzlwyrm den and head with all speed to an unexplored area of the forest. It is mid afternoon when they notice that the ground is wet and marshy and the trees are slowly being twisted and decaying. Moss, lichen and vines grow where they should not and the water is dank and foetid.
After a short while they see a verdant island in the marsh. Ash is sat upon a small white mound and Tiressia is laying against it, looking exhausted. The mound is the unmoving body of the unicorn, its horn has been sliced cleanly off its forehead.
The once familiar owl speaks aloud in the common tongue. She explains that she heard the call of the Unicorn, she rushed to help but it was being beset by 5 trolls. A large troll stepped forward, it was adorned with a golden crown and a large heavy necklace. It raised a black disk in its left hand and a beam of black/red energy hit the unicorn and it fell. The troll then used the disk to slice off the horn and it laughed as it headed southwards. She also mentions that there was a huge 2 headed troll with them, and it was particularly brutal.


Wyse Wyse

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