GX Kingmaker

Changes to the Council


The dinner and ball at the castle was deemed a great success.

The Privy Council have decided that they need to appoint prominent local people into the vacant executive council positions

Jhod, Priest of Erastil will temporarily take up position of High Priest in the absence of Voltz.

Kressel has vacated her position as Warden to be vice commander of the army. Reporting directly to Anir, and only Anir (impressive diplomacy roll).

Midwife Niska has been appointed Councellor as Jhod vacates the position

Investigator, Pharn Vorn has been appointed Justice Minister/Judge.

Blacksmith, Jerico Armstrong has been appointed Marshall as Kressel vacates the position

Merchant, Pavel Romanov, temporary Grand Diplomat in the absence of Zanro

Now lets hope that the plans for next month go well as the Market is soon to open (at a high cost) just as the trade-ways are starting to get busy…. oh and there is a little matter of the Troll King and the rescuing of Zanro


Wyse lawfulevilmage

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